27 September 2012

500 Golden Age – 29 Sep 2012

Format: 500 point Golden Age
Venue: Wyvern's Tale
Date: 29 Sep 2012
Time: Noon

Please be there at least a few minutes early with your team ready for registration so we can start promptly at noon. It would also help if you pre-registered in the WK Event System, but come on out even if you haven't. See you there!

08 September 2012

500 Golden Age – 08 Sep 2012

Our first event at our new venue, Wyvern's Tale, is today at noon. The format is 500 point Golden Age.

Please be there at least a few minutes early with your team ready for registration so we can start promptly at noon. See you there!

07 December 2011

The Future of HeroClix at Hillside

Apparently Alliance likes Nate's money enough that they made amends with him. So it is my great pleasure to announce that, with the release of the Hulk set, Hillside Games will again be hosting HeroClix tournaments every Saturday at 12:30.

22 June 2011

Clix for Boosters

We're willing to trade leftover boosters out of Craftish Geeks' inventory for figs we want (thanks for the idea, John). We'll price each fig according to recently closed eBay auctions and will exchange them for boosters at 75% of their MSRP.

Once we get them compiled, we'll post lists of what boosters we have and what figs we want.

New Venue: Comic Envy

I talked to the owner of Comic Envy and he is willing to host our events and will even get boosters and prize kits. The only catch is that he doesn't want to host so events a week so official events will replace the Thursday games.

We can't afford to drive that far more than the twice a week we already do (which is why we don't come to the Thursday game) so the events will have to remain on Saturdays but will be moving to 11:30 if that works for everyone. That will make sure we have time to wrap things up and be at Hillside in time for Pokémon League at 16:00.

So to sum up: our weekly HeroClix tournaments will now be at Comic Envy on Saturdays at 11:30 if that works for everyone.

If we decide to go for it then we need to let him know (we're planning to swing by there to pick up some comics on the way to Hillside Saturday anyway). He'd also like an idea of how many boosters to buy in future.

23 May 2011

Bring in the Calvary 100/200/300 Golden Age

Make three separate 100 point teams that can work together as well as separately.

During the first round, after seeing your opponent's three teams, choose one of yours to use that round. Both players reveal their choices at the same time.

For the second round you must use the same team you used in the first round but also get to add one of your other two teams and play a 200 point game. Again, the choice is made after seeing your opponent's teams (which includes specifying which was used in the first round) and the choices are revealed simultaneously.

For the third round, you use all three teams and play a 300 point game.

NOTE about Themed Teams: If you want the TT bonuses throughout the event, make sure that each team is a TT and that the three combined still qualify. Keep the changes to TT's in mind. You can see them on page 21 of the new 2011 Core Rulebook.

Event Schedule for May and June

28 May – 300 Golden Age
4 June – Infinity Gauntlet event dial – 500 Golden Age
11 June – 300 Golden Age
18 June – Bring in the Calvary 100/200/300 Golden Age
25 June – 800 Golden Age